$100,000 Freeroll Tournament

Bush mastered political strategy in poker

An online gaming operator Full-Tilt Poker, inspired with an idea to include the card game in the list of Olympic games, initiated a new site entitled “Poker in Athens.” According to Dailynews.com, the company also promoted the idea with fliers at an AVP beach volleyball event in Hermosa Beach.

While Olympic organizers are finishing building venues for the Games and the TV schedule has already been settled, the company’s enthusiasts don’t abandon their hope to embody their plan.

“We’d be completely low maintenance. We don’t need our own Parthenon. Hell, if they’ll let us in the games, I’ll bring my own arena. Cards, chips, even my buddy Frank’s card table. Just lather that sucker up with some spackle, and BOOM – instant Greek poker table,” claimed someone named Bruno Nutt of “Poker in Athens” at the website.

The network plans to carry 1,210 hours on five channels between Friday and Aug. 29 to cover Olympics. So that, the company only requires a period from Friday’s opening ceremonies through Monday, Aug. 16 in order to perform the event.

The company claims the reward for the game is to be a trip to the 2006 Winter Games in Italy and a new high-def home theatre.

ewsflash: Royal Vegas Poker to hold the worlds largest Freeroll poker tournament with a $100,000 prize pool.

$100,000 Freeroll Tournament

Royal Vegas Poker will be holding a $100,000 freeroll tournament on December 18th 2004. To date, this is the worlds largest freeroll poker tournament being offered by any poker room. See below for more details of this event:

Tournament Details

Promotion Duration: August 1st to December 14th 2004

Tournament Date: 18 December 2004

Tournament Time:  8PM (EST)

Game Type: Texas Hold’em

Limit Type: No Limit

Rebuys: $5+$0 (unlimited in first hour)

Add-on: $5+$0 (at end of first hour)

Variable Starting Chips: 1,000 chips as base amount

2,000 chips, if player has a minimum of 1,000 raked hands in the 4 months

Blinds: 10 minute rounds with standard Texas Hold’em levels

Play Period: 60 minutes

Breaks: 5 minutes

Prize Structure: Please see Royal Vegas Poker website

Requirements for Players to gain an invitation:

New Players:

Download and register a first account with Royal Vegas Poker between August 1 and December 14 2004.

No purchase required.

Existing Players:

Play a total of 2,500 raked hands between August 1 and December 14 2004.

Play 1,000 raked hands in any of the calendar months: August, September, October or November 2004.


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