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IGREA Co-Sponsors Now at 45 as Internet Gambling WTO Deadline Approaches
Two days prior to the expected release of sanctions that will be decided by an arbitration committee of the WTO regarding the claim of Antigua & [...]
IGREA Co-Sponsors Grow To 44 : Online Gambling Regs Coming Soon?
Congressmen from New Jersey, Washington, and Connecticut on Tuesday joined 41 other co-sponsors of the IGREA, the Bill designed to legalize and regulate [...]
House Has Pressure in Massachusetts After Gambling Bill Shot Down
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been all over the national news while he was trying to bring new casino resorts to the state. After spending [...]
Hope Remains for US Internet Gambling Industry
World-wide mainstream media reports that the EC-US trade compensation deal officially brings to an end non-American Internet gambling business in America. [...]
Home Poker Gambling Could Be Legalized In South Carolina
Five defendants found out the hard way that the gambling laws in South Carolina are outdated. The defendants were found guilty of gambling because they [...]
Hanaway Declares Internet Gambling Legal for US Citizens to Play
In just hours after the House Judiciary Committee ended its hearing to determine the future course of Internet gambling media companies have already begun [...]