House Has Pressure in Massachusetts After Gambling Bill Shot Down

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been all over the national news while he was trying to bring new casino resorts to the state. After spending months putting together his proposal, it was shot down with a convincing vote from the state House.

While they did not close the door to expanding the state’s gambling operation in the future. They did put it off for what looks like at least another year.

The House voted 106-48 to have the gambling Bill go to a study committee. In not rushing to make a decision on the Bill, they have at least put it off for a year.

Patrick has been lobbying hard for the Bill. He has claimed that the three resort style casinos would bring much needed revenue to the state. With the economy as it is currently, the House has put a lot of pressure on themselves to now come up with alternative money solutions.

Patrick, through a released statement seemed to take the defeat in stride, and kept alive hope that in the future the gambling Bill could be worked out and signed into law.

There was much talk that the Bill needed some work. Several areas needed to be reworked before it would become a viable option. The House decided that this was not the time to move forward with those changes, and essentially just put off the inevitable decision to pass a gambling expansion Bill.

Much money was spent by lobbyists in an effort to get the Bill passed. While they had the dollars, the House made the decision they felt was best at this time, regardless of lobbyist influence.

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