Home Poker Gambling Could Be Legalized In South Carolina

Five defendants found out the hard way that the gambling laws in South Carolina are outdated. The defendants were found guilty of gambling because they were playing a home poker game, and the state is out to make sure that nobody else is convicted for playing poker at home.

In the 1802 law, it is not only poker that is outlawed. Any game with cards or dice is also considered illegal. That brings into play games such as Monopoly and Yahtzee, tradition family oriented board games.

Senator Glenn McConnell is leading the way towards fixing this law by proposing a Bill that would legalize house poker games and also “casino nights” that are used for fundraisers. There are, however, some stipulations in the Bill for the home poker games.

No income from the games can be made by the house. There also cannot be any betting odds that would be in the house favor. The game must also consist of everyone playing equally against each other, not the house.

South Carolina’s gambling law has been attacked by many people since the poker house ruling came down from Duffy. Although he acknowledged poker as a game of skill, he still was forced to rule that the defendants broke the law.

The case is being appealed, and regardless of the outcome it has played an important role in the decision to revisit the outdated gambling laws. It looks as though McConnell’s Bill has a lot of support from fellow lawmakers and has a strong chance to be approved.

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